MEET OUR PEOPLEOur International key people

Get to know us by learning about the people who make ECM distinctive. Getting acquainted with them will energize you as you gain insights into who they are, and the high-impact work they do for you. Our people come from many different backgrounds and experiences and have chosen their own way to get to where they are today. ECM a world of winning people.

  • Medical Device Vanessa BIAVATI
  • Testing Lab Mirko MASOTTI
  • Directives Matteo IANELLI
  • Certification Luca BEDONNI
  • VP & CEO Andrea SECCHI
  • Inspection Renato FERRARINI
  • Training Annamaria GRECO
  • Intern. Regulatory Lynn LU
  • Communication Sara Mezzadri
  • Accounting Luca ROLI
  • Cert. Officer Michela MAZZETTI
  • Machinery Federico RUBINI
  • MDD System Lorenzo GRAZIOSI
  • Sales Manager Paolo BERNARDONI
  • Quality Daniela BENCIVENGA

Our international key people

  • ECM Shanghai Marco MORINA
  • ECM Japan Osamu YOSHIKAWA
  • ECM Korea MyungSoo KANG
  • ECM Iran Payman MORADI
  • ECM India Pradyut BERA
  • ECM USA Federica SECCHI
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